Shocker: Political Process Marked By Politics

Not this one, obviously

Poor David Palmer! No, not the dead president on Fox's torture-porn hit 24, who overcame discrimination to reach the highest office in the land. We're talking about Bush's nominee for EEOC head, whose nomination has been held up for almost a year because of his constant crusading for the rights of the white man! So now he's withdrawing his nomination and going home like a whiny little bitch.

See, Palmer accepted his political nomination to a political post and now is shocked to find out that it's being held up by ... you guessed it! ... politics. Yep, the fact that his section has investigated more cases of discrimination against white people than against blacks and Latinos combined ... the fact that a group of his colleagues submitted a letter saying that he treated coworkers with "contempt and disdain" ... all politics! So Palmer is slinking off to the private sector or someplace similarly free from all forms of political naysaying.

BUT HERE'S THE IRONY PART! Despite his uberWASPy last name, Palmer is in fact a son of Latino immigrants! Will he this proud Latino Republican sue his Senatorial nemesis, Barry Hussein Obama, for racial discrimination? STAY TUNED FOR THE RACIALLY-CHARGED IRONIC BATTLE!

Meanwhile, a slot has been opened up that's just perfect for George Allen.

Unconfirmed After 11 Months, EEOC Nominee Says No Thanks [WP]


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