Shocking Photo Proves What Nobody Ever Doubted

Liberal blogs are going crazy with joy over the utterly unsurprising snapshot of Jack Abramoff and George W. Bush that somebody posted somewhere on the Internets.

There are apparently lots of people out there who a) Just figured out politicians lie all the time and b) Just figured out that nobody in this White House could even give you the time of day without engaging in elaborate yet nakedly obvious deception. At yesterday's White House press conference, Tony Snow said it was just a harmless picture and that totally wasn't cum on Abramoff's mouth.

After the hundredth reader sent us the Jack 'n George picture -- supposedly taken at a 2003 GOP fund-raiser -- we hired some forensic-graphics experts from the Malkin Institute and they quickly revealed the true source of the photo before it was so crudely altered.

Photo surfaces of Bush and corrupt lobbyist [Capitol Hill Blue]


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