Incredible as it seems, the Bush Administration may have been dishonest every day, forever, about Iraq. That's the shocking conclusion of some study funded by "limousine liberal" George Soros. According to the report, Bush and Cheney and the rest of the administration spent all their time between 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq successfully convincing our nation's dumber people -- Congress, reporters, etc. -- that Saddam Hussein was about to launch even more jetliners full of anthrax at American buildings.

Now that it's 2008 and Bush is finished and Congress is run by the Democrats and the Republican Party has decided to "sit out" the presidential race, it's great to finally hear we may have been kind of deceived. It's especially useful to know the number of times we were deceived by the Bush Administration.

The number is 935 times, according to the Center for Public Integrity. Feels fine to finally know the truth! Good to know people are still counting things, too. 935! That's a much better number than, say, 9/11, which we're pretty sure was done by Iraq.

In another few years, the Center for Public Integrity will be releasing new reports about other shocking wartime deceptions:

* Panama: Noriega used to work for who?

* Gulf of Tonkin: Did the Viet Cong really sink all those American ships with communist baby bombs?

* Pearl Harbor: FDR always did look sort of Japanese ....

* Sinking of the Maine: Wait, so American industrialists had some interest in Cuba?

* Mexican-American War: So the entire southwest United States used to be Mexico? Even Texas? Sorry, liberals. Now you've gone too far.

By the time everything is counted up, it may be revealed that Washington is little more than a giant bullshit machine that easily and repeatedly fakes out a dim-witted citizenry. And once we finally know the truth, there will be peace & freedom & prosperity for all, even the poor! (Not really.)

Study: Bush, others 'methodically propagated' false info before Iraq war [USA Today]


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