Shooty Screamy Pennsylvania Police Chief To Team Up With Shooty Screamy Tactical Guy To Shoot, Scream, Fight Crime


You probably remember Gilberton, Pennsylvania, police chief andrejected Wonkette contributor Mark Kessler, the gentleman who expected to be silenced because of his principled, heavily armed stand against a paper picture of Nancy Pelosi and his obscenity-peppered warnings about libtards? Turns out he was kind of a prophet (or could just see the blindingly obvious), because he went and got himself suspended indefinitely by unanimous vote of the Gilberton City Council -- officially, not so much for his precious free speech, but for “using borough property [his assortment of guns] for non-borough purposes without prior borough permission.” But don't worry! He has a plan! He's going to team up with James "I'm gonna start shooting people" Yeager, the idiot who reacted to the Sandy Hook massacre with an insane obscenity-peppered YouTube rant about the need to start protecting the second amendment with deadly effect, just as soon as it's time to start the Revolution. Which is soon. Real soon. Kessler has announced that he will become a firearms instructor for Yeager's Tennessee-based company, Tactical Response. Isn't bromance grand?

On his dumb website, Kessler insists that the charge was "trumped up" because he donated the guns to the borough, so they're really still his, and also says

The real reason he was suspended was because elites in Washington D.C. demanded his JOB for videos depicting the Chief exercising his First & second amendment right!

Yep, it only stands to reason that powerful elites tremble at the mention of a Pennsylvania police chief, and so he had to be silenced. Except, of course, for the part where he still has full internet access and can flog his idiocy for a profit. Once he's fired, will he still call himself "Chief"? You betcha!

The collaboration of the two titans of YouTube gun fondling -- which is arguably the worst team-up since Spider-Man hung out with the original cast of Saturday Night Live -- prompted Tennessee blogger SouthernBeale to predict, "It’s only a matter of time before these two shoot their own eyes out."

[SPLC Hatewatch via SouthernBeale]

Doktor Zoom

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