Should Gay Marriage Be Outlawed Because Gays Can't Sex Each Other In Missionary? Your Wonkette Investigates


We thought we had heard all the excuses for why gay people should be denied the right to get married, butthis is a new one:

An anti-gay politico in Mexico, Ana María Jiménez Ortiz, has determined that gay people should not get marriage because gay people do not face one another during sex:

"Marriage should only be considered as those relationships in which the members have sex facing each other, which does not occur between homosexual couples."

This raises all sorts of important questions, and your Wonket intends to get to the bottom of them.

Question Number One: Can gay dudes do missionary?

Answer: Yes, and kindly shut the fuck up Ana Maria Jimenez Ortiz.

Oh, look, it only raised one important question after all.

[Good As You via Joe.My.God]


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