Shoulda Picked Mittens, Shoulda Picked Mittens. Just Saying!

Shoulda Picked Mittens, Shoulda Picked Mittens. Just Saying!

Here's a chart fromFiveThirtyEight, the damnable, smartypants, know-it-all site that... oh hell, we read the motherfucker compulsively. This chart shows the net favorability scores of the four candidates based on some recent polls, and as you can see, people are rapidly realizing that Sarah Palin is a rather unsavory character -- her numbers last week were about 10-15 points higher. So much for the happy times, Sarah; it is the happy times we will miss. So is it too late for Walnuts to shake this gal and throw Mitt "Willard" Romney in there? One can only dream...

...of the moments, moments like these, that would ensure Republican landslide in November, and all for the price of a Romney:

[youtube expand=1]

PLEASE COME BACK. It's the little things we treasure so much about Mitt Romney. For example: he put this clip on his YouTube channel. Guy had no idea that it was humiliating in the extreme!

(OK confession: we remembered this clip today for no reason in particular and had to find any way to shape a post around it, mostly for our own amusement. But we gave you that nice chart thing too so don't complain.)

State of the Race: Is McCain in Trouble? [FiveThirtyEight]

Gov. Romney on Ronald Reagan [YouTube]


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