Show Dick the Money

Ever on the alert for maximum opportunities for venal synergy displays, the GOP is rescheduling a fundraiser for Tom DeLay to be headlined by Vice President Dick Cheney. (Evidently the more event-appropriate MC team of Jack Abramoff and Duke Cunningham is already booked for that night.)

The Dec. 5 event was originally scheduled to take place in September, but was postoned due to the onset of Hurricane Rita--perhaps the only of our recent hurricanes, based on this evidence, that might actually qualify for the designation "Act of God." A mere $4,200 gets DeLay enthusiasts a VIP seat and a photo with big Dick. And we're sure with just a little prodding--and a few twenties stuffed into his cummerbund --he'll step smartly up to the podium in his evening clothes and call Ronnie Earle reprehensible and a lousy patriot. And now that we have fixed that that mental image firmly in your brainpan, we at Wonkette HQ bid you to run along and enjoy your big holiday feast. We did mention we're vegetarians, right?

Cheney to Headline DeLay Fundraiser [Yahoo, via Sploid]


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