Shut Up, Wes Clark

Meet General Wesley Clark, the secret GOP operative with the black, beady eyes of a born sociopath. (OrJim Lehrer.) After spending four years windsurfing with John Kerry in Hell, he came back to remind America why he should never open his yap on the teevee. This weekend on Face the Nation, he said that John McCain's experience riding in a fighter plane did not translate into preparation for executive office -- which, while completely true, met with utterly predictable outrage.

Now Republicans, Patriots, and war porn connoisseurs get to express disgust over Clark's terrible smear of John McCain's glorious war record, and every time some Proud Democrat says "Hey but wait a minute!" the world can get regaled, yet again, with the story of John McCain getting his arms sawed off in Vietnam while Barack Obama was off studying Muslim theology in the South Pacific.

At time of writing David Axelrod had been hastily dispatched to track down Wesley Clark and whisk him to a secret Democrat prison where he will be cellmates with Alex's mom.

Clark hits McCain's military credentials [Politico]


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