Shutdown To Preclude Civil War Nerds From Re-Taking Fort Sumter


Won't somebody think of the real victims?

Hundreds of Union and Confederate re-enactors plan to stay in Forts Sumter and Moultrie, another Park Service site across the harbor, during a week of events.

If there is a shutdown, plans will move forward to re-enact the bombardment Tuesday with about 30 cannons ringing the harbor from sites not on federal land.

"I'm shocked. This is a pivotal event in the nation's history," said Jeff Antley, who is coordinating arrangements for an estimated 1,000 re-enactors coming to the city. "You can't say we're going to reschedule for May. The money has been spent. The uniforms have been bought. The travel arrangements have been made."

Was a pivotal event. Was. There is very little slavery in South Carolina these days.

(Also, weren't the Confederates barred from entering Fort Sumter in the original battle? THIS IS YOUR MOMENT, NERDS! IT'S REAL AGAIN! Fire your fake guns on the Yanks!) [AP via Wonkette operative "Richard"]


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