Sick, Corrupt Old Man Frolics Pantsless In Florida

Notice that you can't see anything below his waist in this pictureJoseph M. McDade, a gazillion-term Congressman from Scranton, PA, who retired from the House in 1999, has received a court summons in regards to an incident in Sanibal Island, Florida. According to the legal mumbo-jumbo:

The summons states McDade unlawfully exposed or exhibit his sexual organs, or did go naked, in a public place or on the private premises of another in a vulgar or indecent manner.

While serving in Congress, McDade was investigated on racketeering charges and supposedly "received $100,000 in vacations, gifts and campaign contributions in exchange for helping defense contractors inside and outside his district win $68 million in contracts," but was acquitted. In a 1999 Associated Press story, constituents and fellow Congressman who were feeling warmly towards him because he was quitting in disgrace, said he was a "hard worker who helped keep businesses alive and the way of life in and near Scranton," which is not a particularly coherent sentence.

McDade now lives in Fairfax and has been diagnosed with Parkinson's. We would avert our eyes from this sordid tale, but we haven't been able to use the phrase "sexual organs" in a post for several days.

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Ex-Congressman accused of exposing self in public [FM N-P]


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