Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign


So you say the Democrats don't have any passion? Guess you've been hanging out in the wrong districts, then. An intrepid reader reports on a full-fledged ruckus that broke out Wednesday night at a P.G. County congressional debate:

So, anyways, I was at a debate this week (Wendsday) run by the NAACP at Prince Georges Community College when I witnissed Rep. Al Wynn's (D-MD) supporters beat the living crap out of one of his opponents supporters. There was evidently some sort of disagreement over signs when the Wynn people flipped out and double teamed this guy. I saw them throw who I can only assume was a Donna Edwards supporter to the

ground and kick him in the chest and face. Bloodied the guy up too, I think he needed medical attention on the scene.

And they wonder why more people don't get involved in politics. Seriously, though, you call this a rumble? We yearn for the good old days, when men were men, and thrashed each other with walking-sticks.


The Post has more, fulfilling its daily pun quota in describing the debate that came before the fighting:

She hit him hard on his vote to send troops to Iraq...

Dana? Dana Milbank, is that you? Have you been hanging around the Metro section again? Yeesh. OK, somebody's got to have video of this. We want to see it.

Supporters Scuffle At Candidate's Forum [WP]


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