Silly Foreigners Think Cheney's Human

Fuck you, I'm eating ... eating fetuses! - WonketteLondon's Evening Standard breathlessly asks, WILL A BLOOD CLOT FORCE CHENEY TO STEP DOWN?

Silly English people! Blood clots can only hurt humans and other such living organisms. Dick Cheney is a Vengeance Demon that just happens to animate the long-dead corpse of "Richard Cheney," some nobody from Wyoming who dropped dead of a heart attack in the late 1960s. The demon chose the Cheney corpse as a host -- an anonymous minor-GOP-hack balding guy in glasses would be the perfect cover for infiltrating the "reform" administration of Gerald Ford.

Cheney's "health problems" are mentioned now and then just to continue the charade of Cheney being a person. And soon, his dreadful mission will be complete as he starts a nuclear war with Iran (and Russia) and brings about the End Times. So, the answer to the question is "No, a blood clot will not force Cheney to step down."

Will a blood clot force Cheney to step down? [This Is London]


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