Silly Friday Poll Reports: Stormie Rains On Dustee, Reduces Her to Mud

dustee%20tucker%205.JPGstormie%20janzen%202%20stormy%20janzen%20jansen.JPGLast Friday, we offered you a pair of polls pitting Dustee Tucker (at left) against Stormie Janzen (at right). Both of these oddly-named hotties work in goverment: Dustee is a spokesperson for HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson, and Stormie is a staffer for Sen. Jeff Sessions.

Neither poll was close; Stormie trounced Dustee in both. The full results appear after the jump -- click on the "More" button for the full rundown.

In the first poll, we asked you: Whose name is hotter? One of you essentially answered "neither," opining in the comments that "both names scream 'white trash' louder than any Crystal, Amber, or Misty ever could."

But the rest of you voted, giving Stormie a decisive victory:

In the second poll, turnout was dramatically higher, and the margin was closer. We asked you: Forget about names -- who's hotter, Dustee or Stormie?

After writing a bunch of rude comments, you voted. And despite a late surge by Dustee, Stormie prevailed handily:

But Dustee may have the last laugh. Later today, we'll bring you some commentary from someone who vacationed with Dustee in Hawaii last week. This source had nothing but praise for Dustee -- and some choice words about Stormie...

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