Sinatra's Ex-Wife Rails Against Kindly Old Ex-President

strip05.gifJimmy Carter apparently traveled to Sudan recently to meet with President Omar Hassan al-Bashir (isn't he too old to be traveling so far? Do they have McDonald's there?) and ask him to please stop killing so many people in Darfur. He went with Nelson Mandela and some other "elder statesmen" and made al-Bashir sign a pledge or something and gave them $300 million to clean everything up. And now Mia Farrow is pissed!

She's so pissed she "blogged" a "blog" over at Huffington Post where she sorta insinuated that he's old and senile and doesn't know what he's doing anymore. Yes, poor Jimmy has lost Mia's firm grip on reality.

Jimmy Carter has, over his lifetime, earned our respect on many issues. His moral authority makes his current statements about the Khartoum cabal all the more disappointing, offensive, arrogant and unconscionably ignorant. Darfur is still ablaze and looking more like Somalia by the day. Darfurians dream of returning home and rebuilding their lives but we are not there. Not by a long shot. Carter once called Omar al-Bashir, orchestrator of the on-going genocide in Darfur, a "courageous and enlightened leader" (for signing a worthless scrap of paper Carter had put forward, which was meaningless within weeks).

Yeah, fuck that diplomacy shit and that aid loan garbage! What he should be doing is blogging about it for Arianna Huffington.

Wake Up, Jimmy. You're Old Enough to Know Better [HuffPo]


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