Single Comical, Failed Underpants Bomber Rewrites Entire Government Agenda


Now hopefully you all didn't forget that in America, we only address domestic issues such as energy, transportation, health care, jobs, etc. when there is either a real or imagined lull in NATIONAL TERROR AND WAR issues about which we can do nothing to fully protect ourselves, did you? Because now the lull is over, so stop whining about your personal bankruptcy problems! This one retarded Nigerian crispy penis airplane man who may or may not have been involved with a sub-division of Al Qaeda has officially freaked out an entire nation andrewritten the Obama Adminstration's agenda, forever. It's a good thing Terrorists never expect a whiny titty baby nation to comically overrreact to every attempted plot they pretend to undertake, right?

Con sarn it all...

White House press secretary Bill Burton, during a gaggle on Air Force One this morning, detailed Obama’s upcoming schedule this week, and it’s striking how hard the focus has suddenly shifted to national security and terrorism.

Burton detailed that Obama will hear from the CIA today on the agency’s analysis of the foiled airline bomb plot. He added that Obama is also meeting with counter-terror czar John Brennan to discuss it, and that his national security team will discuss a larger, multiagency review tomorrow.

Obama may address the media after that review, and Burton even confirmed that the Christmas Day plot could take up a portion of Obama’s State of the Union address — hardly something the White House expected to use to address terrorism.


Indeed, the White House was reportedly caught flat-footed by the vociferous GOP criticism of Obama’s response to the thwarted plot, suggesting that the GOP’s rapid response gave White House advisers a bit of a rude awakening. Now the question is how successfully the White House will manage the transition into a new political reality, one where terrorism and national security have, at least for now, been thrust to the forefront.

So much for just "making sure certain memos get passed on to appropriate agencies" as a corrective, adult response. Freedom is back on the March! You're either with us, or your mortgage is underwater!

White House: Full Steam Ahead On National Security And Terrorism [Plum Line]


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