Sinister Mexicans Taking Over America With the So-Called 'Metric System'


Real Americans know that Mexicans are not sneaking over the border and stealing our jobs because they want to "help feed their families" or "find a better life." No, the true purpose of this invasion is to annex all of USA America to Latin America, restoring things to the way they were in the times of Aztlan. But in this "asymmetric warfare," which doesn't feature niceties like armies and treaties, how will Americans know when they wake up in a foreign land? As the Book of Revelations probably tells us somewhere, the signs will come inmultiples of ten.

The liberal New York Times has a wacky "human interest story" about Interstate 19, which runs from Tucson to the danged fence. "Distance along I-19 is measured in kilometers, just as it is in Mexico," they say cheerfully, as if that weren't a sentence that should chill you to your very core. And most of the people quoted in the article are vaguely pro-metrics (or, as they say south of the border, metricistas), mouthing platitudes like "It’s a bit different" and "We’re used to the signs" and "We know there are diverse opinions about the current signs" and "I’ve been in the hotel business since 1997 and I’ve been asked by my guests thousands of times about the metric signs. They aren’t complaining. They are intrigued." A few brave souls dared to say that these literal marks of the beast are "foreign, are confusing and serve no purpose," but they wouldn't give their names, fearing retribution from the savage Metric Enforcement Agency.

Most disheartening, though is the acquiescence of our supposed conservative "leaders" on this issue:

State officials had originally planned to use $1.5 million in federal stimulus money to replace the signs, prompting Sean Hannity, the conservative Fox News commentator, to lampoon the project last year as one of the most wasteful uses of taxpayer dollars.

We hope Sean Hannity enjoys the kilograms and kilograms of pesos he received when he sold Arizona to the Mexicans. [NYT]

Thanks to Flickr user original_MikZ for the pic!


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