Sister Wives: Creepy Dad Throws Creepy Party For Creepy Family, Creepy Self


This week’s episode of “Sister Wives” was more a mash up than an episode. It felt like the editors didn’t have enough on one topic, so cobbled a bunch of things together to generate 45 minutes of outcasted Mormon fun. The non-sequiters were bumpin’ and I kept waiting for strobe lights to appear and Vanilla Ice’s old beats to carry the scenes.

They really paraded the 17 kids around this week. I wanted so badly for a 1-800 number to appear on the bottom of the screen so  we could donate. “For the price of one cup of coffee a day I COULD FEED Nickelback’s 17 kids!” One of the kids said she hopes her parents and ‘Aunts’ (what do you call your father’s three other wives?) receive funding for their business “My Sister Wives Closet” because she wants to go to college and eat. Aww. Eventually this same kid waved a scholarship letter around the room from Utah State and everyone clapped then moved on acting like her free education was just a coupon for 20% off a brisket.



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