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We are nothing if not eventually responsive: Readers took umbrage with the assertion made Wednesday that Time magazine outed Dick Cheney's secure location. First, we'd like to note that it was Drudge who characterized the discovery as Time's. What's hilarious is that it's not the liberal media elite who put the vice president in danger, it's the New York Post (who ran a story a week before) and, the official publication of Vince Foster's Army, who ran it in 2002. Well, that certainly puts a new spin on the quote Drudge passes on from "one White House Official," who told him that publishing the location of Cheney's bunker was the equivalent of "reveal[ing] the secret location of Anne Frank, if they knew it." See, while the Post and NewsMax might have revealed the location of Anne Frank, they would also support the president's attempt to link Anne Frank and al Qaeda.

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