Sixteen Scandals

At last week's character intervention for technically legal congressman Tom DeLay, wife Christine paid tribute to her husband's youthful beauty:

"Mr. DeLay's wife, Christine, told the audience about meeting her husband in high school -- 'there was this really hot guy, he was so cute' -- and that she had to ask him out the first time."

We think it went like this: First, to get Tom's attention, Christine donated $5000 to his high school PAC, Texans for Milk Shakes and Christ. Then they got acquainted over a round of mini-golf at the Sugar Land Putt-n-Dine. Afterwards, they shared some Cuban cigars and discovered a common love for pest control, hair spray, and abstinence. A brief but tender bout of dry-necking sealed the deal, and they've been an item ever since. Oh, and that "really hot, so cute" business? A page we found from DeLay's high school yearbook, visible after the jump, should explain everything.


DeLay Honored at GOP Dinner [Washington Times]


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