Skeevy Pastor Arrested After His 'Healing Hands' Groped More Than 20 Women


Well here's a scenario for your horror movie screenplay: an associate pastor at a church in Norwalk, California,has been arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting over 20 women, telling them that he had to do sex things to them as part of his very special faith healing process. Legitimate practitioners of faith healing were quick to condemn the actions of Jorge Juan Castro, pointing out that while faith healing is supposed to be medically worthless and maybe involve some financial fraud, it should not actually involve rape.

L.A. County Sheriff's Captain Robert Esson explained the holy shit's modus operandi:

"He claimed to have healing hands and ulitized that process to eventually sexually assault them," Esson said. "He preyed upon them from a trust position. He warned them they'd be the subject of ridicule in the church if they told others."

Castro came to the U.S. from Argentina in 2004 and was an associate pastor at Las Buenas Nuevas Church in Norwalk for eight years. A legal immigrant, he used his position to victimize women in the mostly Spanish-speaking congregation, threatening to have them deported if they told anyone of his unorthodox religious practices. Detectives began investigating Castro in April after "a person who many of the alleged victims had confided in informed authorities and convinced some to speak to detectives."

Castro also served for a time at another church in Moreno Valley, and detectives are encouraging additional victims to come forward.

It is not known at press time whether Iowa congressmonster Steve King had figured out a way to portray Castro's victims as a threat to America's security.

[LA Times]

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