Slate Widget Claims Anthony Weiner Killed Andrew Breitbart

So we thought we'd pretty much exhausted the available fun from Slate's amusing little"make up a Carlos Danger name for yourself" toy, which is good for literally minutes of hilarity. And then in the Sekrit Chatcave, Editrix Rolando Menace called our attention to a tip from Wonkette Operative Miguel �ngel Catastrophe, and said "Hey, Doktor Emilio Scourge, go check that out!" And check it out we did!

Aaaand... it's either a really happy accident, or somebody really wanted to remind the world that Andrew Breitbart is still dead.

You will remember of course, that Anthony Weiner was Andrew Breitbart's biggest scalp -- there's a circumcision joke floating around here somewhere, but the fools in the seekrit chatcave were too busy yammering about the Royal Babby name to do the serious work of making a mohel joke regarding scalps and peeners -- but considering that Breitbart cut short Weiner's political career, maybe this is just Slate being snippy.

Or maybe, as our tipster and probably Alex Jones assert, Weiner murdered Andrew Breitbart with a laser beam right to the diseased, bloated ticker. It would be irresponsible not to speculate.

Also, a reminder that you still have time to submit an entry for our Anthony Wiener Photoshop Contest to tips at wonkette dot com but hurry up, will you? Because apart from waiting for the official name for Prince Alberto Dynamite, there is very little happening today. (Christ, what horrible ironic consequences will come of saying that? Sorry about that asteroid impact, wherever it hits!)


Doktor Zoom

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