Sleep Easy, Tennesseans! James 'Pack Your Bags' Yeager Got His Carry Permit Back


Fact: It is harder to find reasons why you can't get a concealed carry license than reasons why you can in Tennessee. As long as you are neither a felon nor dead, your right to stuff your cock sock with a .22 is entirely safe from the forces of tyranny and oppression. Therefore it was with a certain level of creativity that screamy nutsack James Yeager recently managed to get the state to revoke his concealed carry license after he blew off steam by posting YouTube videos where he vocally fantasizes about murdering anyone who disagrees with him. Three cheers for American ingenuity! But now he has his carry permit back, because, meh, there's nothing in the Constitution that says screamy nutsacks can't have guns.

From TPM:

Tactical Response CEO James Yeager -- whose handgun carry permit was suspended after he threatened to "start killing people" if President Obama took executive action on guns -- has his gun license back, WBBJ-TV reported Friday.

The state of Tennessee suspended Yeager's permit in January after a video of Yeager railing against new gun control measures went viral. "I am not letting my country be ruled by a dictator. I'm not letting anybody take my guns. If it goes one inch further, I'm gonna start killing people," Yeager said in the video.

Yeager told WBBJ-TV that he believes his video "sparked a national discussion of, 'Okay, what is going to happen, you know, if things continue down this path?'" But he added that he's "not optimistic" things will go his way on gun control.

The system works! A man harboring fantasies straight out of William Pierce’s Commodore Amiga makes the completely understandable mistake of broadcasting his homicidal rantings to millions of people on the Internet before realizing that his thought provoking analysis might be misinterpreted as a call to armed insurrection. But hey, no big deal. Yaeger posted a video response alleging that he has "learned some valuable lessons along the way." Nice try, James! Everyone knows learning is illegal in Tennessee.

According to Yeager's account, a judge decided after hearing his testimony that he is not a threat to his community. Here's a fun reminder why this may not be the case:

ENDO Gun Blog has been closely following the story about firearms trainer extraordinaire James Yeager and his chagrin with those that want to call him a coward from afar. Apparently, Yeager is so sick of it that he will challenge you to a duel to settle the issue once and for all (that is, so long as you sign this release).

So don’t worry everybody. As long as we avoid calling Yeager a coward, or ask him about his failure of a career being a small town police officer, or decide to pass gun control legislation that he doesn’t like, this completely sane individual will choose not to “break our fucking backs” or shoot us in the face with one of his many guns. Or at least he will first serve us with papers announcing his intent to do so (and give us time to find a notary and file our response). Isn’t the Second Amendment just grand!



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