Sleeping With The Enemy II: Guess Who's Riding Donkey Now?

Rove Rides DonkeyBoth Karl Rove and the president share an affinity for personal attorneys with indiscriminate spending habits. Harriet Miers, meet Robert Luskin. Not only did his firm Patton Boggs go for Gore in 2000, but the man hoping to get doughboy out of the soup plays for the other team on a regular basis, too. Via Petrelis Files:

Luskin's Federal Election Commission records show all of his donations, except one, went to Democratic candidates. I particularly like how one recipient of his largesse, Barrow of Georgia, defeated an incumbent GOP congressman, in prime Southern Bush country.

That'd be $2,750 in overall largesse to the Dems, as compared to the piddling sum of $750 to the Base. These ledger figures have rumpled-seersucker-to-court written all over them. The "I'm cheap as shit, you must acquit" gambit will work. Trust him.


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