carmensandiego.jpgA brief update to yesterday's story on the HRC staffer who felt the need to go all the way to Baltimore for a little anonymous sex:

A tipster reminds us that former Secretary of State George Schultz, surely in the running for most hard-core SoS ever, had a tiger tattoo as well, which leads us to believe that either the Missed Connection poster went above and beyond the call of duty in disguising his fellow tryster's identity, or that the mysterious redhead is a former Princetonian. We're leaning towards the latter possibility, as everyone knows that for anonymous gay sex with a "military male," one need not leave the Beltway.

Of course, sex-starved Ivy Leaguers are a dime-a-dozen in Senate offices, but as a redhead, we figure she's got to be fairly easy to spot. Though we do believe that no one should have to go all the way to Baltimore for a little love from our boys in uniform, we'd still like to do our best to get these two back together. The ad's poster may have "forgot name," but he'll never forget their crazy night at the Hard Rock Cafe.

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