S&M Ambassador Found Naked, Drunk, Bound

Bring out the gimp! - WonketteDiplomatic immunity is possibly the greatest legal invention of all time. Just ask Tsuriel Raphael, who is leaving his post in El Salvador after the cops found him all tied up to sex-bondage devices -- other than the straps and sex toys and gag ball in his mouth, he was naked. And very drunk.

We'll continue this very important political story, after the jump.

"He was able to identify himself to police only after a rubber ball had been removed from his mouth," the BBC reports. But that was the last time Raphael identified himself as the ambassador from Israel; he was promptly removed from his post and sent home.

This is apparently a great time to start an Israeli version of Wonkette, as one politician after another is brought down by lurid sex-crimes: The president is charged with being a serial rapist, another diplomat was caught running a Brazilian porno website, the ex-justice minister is charged with forcing himself on women soldiers, Ariel Sharon's son was sent to prison for corruption, the federal police commissioner got caught running one of Israel's biggest organized-crime families, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's being investigated for corruption as his own Scooter Libby is under house arrest and a "rising star" of the ultra-right wing has been caught with a phony resume and phonier disability claim.

Wonkette's going to Tel Aviv!

Israel Recalls El Salvador Ambassador Who Was Found Naked, Drunk and Bound [Fox News]


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