Small Claims Court

Its_artFair Use Press is standing up to a bully. They're daring the governor of California to take them to court -- the book's title kind of gives it away, but inside it, there are copies of the letters exchanged by Schwarzenegger's attorney and bobble-head maker Todd Bosley over whether or not the doll counts as "caricature." It's hard to believe that the Governator would be threatened by a bobble-head doll. Perhaps he has a small penis or something.

NOTE: When you think about it, a day of nothing but of White House Correspondent Dinner coverage and dick jokes is, like, the Wonkette Platonic ideal. Could it get any better? Oh, wait: Ass-fucking. Haven't gotten in any of that today. Writing about it, we mean.

UPDATE: Daniel Radosh comments on Fair Use's slur on Arnold's manhood: "That's maybe funny. And definitely mean. But while there's some debate over whether it's true or not, they've stacked the deck by photoshopping the picture to make the penis in question look smaller than it really is." He has proof.

Sue Me, Asshole [Fair Use Press]


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