Small-Town North Dakota Tyrants Will Force Aryans To Follow Building Codes Just Like Common Negroes And Jews


The city council of Leith, North Dakota, the tiny town that white supremacists are trying toturn into an Aryan enclave, voted yesterday to approve new building codes aimed at making life difficult for the neo-nazis trying to take over the town. Craig Cobb, the white separatist who bought a home and several lots in Leith, complained that the building codes were discriminatory, since the town had no such regulations before he moved there, and now he's being oppressed. You know, just like in that poem about how first they told the socialists they couldn't crap in buckets and nobody spoke up.

The town council approved a moratorium on new buildings until planning and zoning rules are finalized; they also voted to require that all residences have water and sewer lines, and to ban tents and campers from being on any lot for more than 10 consecutive days. Cobb has been living in a run-down house with three male supporters and two young children, using bottled water and an outhouse, relying on space heaters to stay warm. Under the new law, any residence without water and sewer would have 30 days to get hooked up, after which, the owner would face fines and possible condemnation of the property. It is believed that similar property codes were laid out in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Cobb was not pleased, saying that

the town got by for decades without the ordinances. "Why now? Is it a wonderful coincidence that the moment I show up these are necessary? It's patently unfair," Cobb said.

He said he may rename Leith the "Village of the Damned" when he takes it over. He said residents are "evil and nasty."

And he ought to know, amirite? It is not known whether he also petted a Persian cat while warning that the town council were pitiful fools who would rue the day they meddled with his plans for world domination.

[Bismarck Tribune via TPM]

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