Smiling Jerk Rahm Emanuel Is So Happy To Be Out of The White House


Remember that funny, foul-mouthed creature who used to lurk around Barack Obama, screaming things? Well he left Washington, D.C. because he heard the Earthquake of 2011 was a-comin' and wanted to be in Chicago, where the ground does not move. And he is so happy he did this that he cannot keep his love a secret!

After 100 days as Chicago mayor, former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel sure is happy being in the Windy City, where he says his work is a lot more enjoyable “versus dealing with the national debt.”

“Here, you get instant feedback. You get a sense of engagement, and you get a way to make decisions about topics that are close to home in the way people live their lives — so I love this,” Emanuel said in an interview with NPR to mark his 100th day in office on Tuesday.

Were he still President Barack Obama’s chief of staff, Emanuel would have spent recent months shuttling between the West Wing and Capitol Hill trying to work out a deal — in his famously blunt manner — to raise the debt ceiling and reduce the deficit.

So there is your update on Rahm Emanuel, who is sipping his strawberry daiquiris and swearing at children while we suffer, of course. [Politico]


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