Smooth, Delicious, Deadly: Smoking Ban Roundup

Hot on the heels of Howie Kurtz's discovery of sarcasm, DC councilwoman invokes subtle satire, calls for prohibition of alcohol: "I'm also now looking at some other legal choices to ban -- like driving or sex -- for they, too, can be dangerous to your health and the health of others." [WP]

DCeiver mocks them all: "First they came for the smokers, and sent them outside...and then they came for the burned out lightbulbs, to be replaced by new ones...and then they came for the trash, and disposed of it...well, I forget how much more of it there is, but I'm pretty sure that at the end, there are totally some death camps. So, ummm, look out for those." [DCeiver]

WP reporter sets the record straight on smoking versus pepper spray in nightclubs: "If you squirt pepper spray in a restaurant you will be arrested and thrown in the pokey. Smoking is still legal." []

Julian Sanchez writes on "the highly plausible assumption that at least some bar patrons prefer some opportunity to smoke." Hey, is that sarcasm? We've heard of that... [Reason]


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