Smug Liberals Pose For Smug Liberal Photographer, To Remind Americans Why They Hate Liberals


Annie Liebovitz will photograph literally anyone, as long as they are marginally famous. Ever since Watergate she has taken portraits of schlubby double-chinned Administration staffers, so as to glorify the current President and reassure the nation that, while power changes hands occasionally, it transfers cleanly from one self-satisfied bureaucrat to the next.

Her latest series on key Obama administration figures raises a very important question: Do we really need to see what any of these dorks look like? And more importantly, why would any of these dorks assume we want to look at them? They obligingly stood for their portraits in the New York Times Sunday magazine a few weeks back, and far be it from any of them to turn down a session with the Great Annie Liebovitz, but jesus christ. America is interested in precisely four (4) people involved in the Obama administration: Barack, Michelle, and their kids. That is all. The halo of glamour does not extend to Steven Chu.

Portfolio: Enter Obama [Vanity Fair]


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