Sneak Preview of GOP NYC Convention

The Hill reports that the Republican convention will go beyond the traditional high-school-prom level of glamour it's traditionally had: Says a source: “They might not even have a podium." They might have "a rotating podium" or even "a stage that comes up from underground." (Like in Cats?) Continues the giddy GOP-er, "It would be like a theater in the round, with off-site events that are part of the convention.”

Wow. It's almost like they got a gay person to plan it. Except not even a gay person would dare this sort of camp: For the nomination, “We’ll go to the deck of the USS Intrepid as the U.S. Marine Corps Band plays the national anthem." Our idea for a banner? "Mission Accomplished (If by 'mission' you mean raising a fuckload of money)."

Oh, and this is cute: “We could see President Bush giving his acceptance speech at Ground Zero." Because politicizing homeland security is only bad if you're not president.

President planning NYC extravaganza (Second item) [The Hill]


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