Snow in Baghdad Brings Break From Dying

AP080111016772.jpgPerforming his first miracle since he picked George W. Bush to be president of the United States, God blanketed Baghdad in some light, fluffy snow today. Almost no one in the city had ever actually seen snow before, which fell all morning for the first time since anyone could remember. So awestruck was the whole place that not a single person got blown up, shot or decapitated while the snow was falling.

Even the Associated Press got misty-eyed:

For a couple of hours anyway, a city where mortar shells routinely zoom across the Tigris River to the Green Zone became united as one big White Zone. There were no reports of bloodshed during the snowstorm. The snow showed no favoritism as it dusted neighborhoods Shiite and Sunni alike, faintly falling (with apologies to James Joyce) upon all the living and the dead.

Thanks Associated Press writer for not over-dramatizing your report or anything!

Snow Day in the Streets of Baghdad [Associated Press]


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