Dr. Birx Wrote A Book About Her Swell COVID-19 Response ... Wait, Where You Going?

Dr. Birx Wrote A Book About Her Swell COVID-19 Response ... Wait, Where You Going?

Dr. Deborah Birx is back! The former White House coronavirus response coordinator who looked on with horror as Donald Trump pitched COVID-19 snake oil has written a memoir about her misadventures. Harper, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, announced Monday that we can expect Dr. Birx’s cash cow thoughtful treatise on April 26. The title’s a mouthful: Silent Invasion: The Untold Story of The Trump Administration, COVID-19, and Preventing the Next Pandemic Before It’s Too Late.

It’s unclear why anyone should take Dr. Birx’s advice on preventing the next pandemic, given her history with the first one, which last we checked is still ongoing. Don’t worry. Dr. Birx graciously released a statement explaining why you should rush out and buy her memoir once it’s in stores.

THE BEST OF BIRX: Dr. Birx Thinks We Could’ve Prevented So Many COVID-19 Deaths If We Hadn’t Listened To Dr. Birx

From the AP:

“I wrote ‘Silent Invasion’ to document the full extent of what I witnessed as I tried to save lives during this devastating time,” Birx said in a statement. “In the book, I expose the true cost of mistakes that were made at all levels of the federal government, but I also clarify the things that went right yet remained largely unseen — the insights and innovations that saved American lives in this pandemic and are essential to preparing for the next.”

That’s right. Dr. Deborah Birx (played by Cate Blanchett in the movie) tried to save lives. She tried so hard, and now, for a reasonable book advance, she’s willing to “expose” the mistakes that were made along the way to 900,000 dead Americans. Hey, maybe instead of paying to read her book, we could watch her testify before Congress again for free. There’s apparently more we need to know about how Trump tried to wish the pandemic into the cornfield.

THE BEST OF BIRX: Dr. Birx Accepts That You’ll Never Stop Reminding Her About The Goddamn Bleach

Dr. Birx also wants to “clarify the things that went right yet remained largely unseen.” Yeah, she’s gonna need to clarify like a motherfucker. We’re still feeling the impact of Trump’s rejection of most reasonable COVID-19 mitigation measures. It took him months before he wore a mask publicly and he was quick to side with the spoiled brats with guns who wanted to “liberate” their states from lockdowns.

Any credit the Trump administration might deserve for the vaccine is outweighed by the MAGA cult’s refusal to take the damn shots, which has resulted in a needlessly high death rate among the unvaccinated. That’s also Trump’s legacy.

THE BEST OF BIRX: Dr. Birx: Don’t Blame Me For That A-Hole’s Covid Response, God Knows I Tried

During Dr. Birx’s post-Trump rehabilitation tour, she’s claimed that she supported a more “forceful response” to containing the virus, but her years of public health experience were apparently no match for the ramblings of Dr. Scott Atlas, Trump’s top COVID-19 adviser. Dr. Atlas is a radiologist with no experience in infectious disease, but Trump liked what he had to say on Fox News. Dr. Atlas’s plan — if you can call it that — was to let the virus spread mostly unchecked and let God sort it out.

Dr. Atlas wrote his own memoir last year called A Plague Upon Our Hour. That title doesn’t make sense but at least it’s shorter than the one for Dr. Birx’s memoir, which seems like it includes the first few sentences from Chapter One. We don’t recommend spending a dime on either book, however.


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