Here'sanother story about sex workers who are happy to get insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Combine that with wingnut Noel Sheppard's freakout over san Francisco hookers signing up for the ACA, and it is now officially a Trend. of course, in this case, the women signing up are legally employed at a Nevada brothel, the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, so at least there's none of that "criminal" stigma, right? Aha, well, not so much; The Blaze simply says "It's come to this" and shakes its head sadly. So get ready for HookerCare to become a wingnut meme.

Once you get past the giggling over "Insurance for Hoors" (which you will not, because like us some part of you remains mentally 13 years old), it's not really that shocking a story -- it's not like suddenly in 2014 sex workers will be seeing doctors for the very first time in history. They'll just have a more reliable way of paying for healthcare, which seems like as good an idea for hookers as it does for rightwing bloggers. And as one of the women in the USA Today report points out, insurance companies are probably getting a pretty good customer base, at least with Nevada's legal, regulated brothels like the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, where workers -- who are "independent contractors," not employees -- have far lower rates of STDs than streetwalkers.

Cue more freakouts over subsidized health care for sex workers; we'd just point out that if the staff of can get decent health coverage, then all other whores should be able to as well.

[USA Today via Mediaite]

Doktor Zoom

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