So Many Opportunities To Learn Semi-Useless Information From Almost Dead White Guys


Your weekly think tank event round up:

  • Monday, May 4: Obama’s smart and all, but someone should really tell him that all his ideas just suck. Thank God for the Heritage Foundation. Today at 1PM they enlighten us as to why green jobs won’t jump start the economy and that what we really need are more guns, wars, and Fox News.

  • Wednesday, May 6: AEI teaches us that there’s no such thing as cause and effect when they look at the deregulation policies of Bush starting at 9AM.  At least breakfast will be free.
  • Thursday, May 7: Now here’s a good idea: investing in community colleges will help promote economic prosperity! Hopefully the genius behind this novel idea will get a big fat raise. The Brookings Institute looks at the newest "no duh" policy that will hopefully get enacted very soon.
  • Friday, May 8: Now that Castro isn’t feeling too hot and Cuba’s off the blacklist, it’s high time we learn something about our neighbor to the south.  CSIS explores the under loved and under nurtured country down under Florida. If you ask nicely they may offer tips on how to sneak in via Canada. What good is a highly impoverished, ignored country if you can’t almost get detained trying to get there? Anyone know if it’s been affected by the pigs?

Listed events are free and open to the public.  Be nice and RSVP.


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