So Much For Our Gold-Plated Cadillac Healthcare Plans

  • The Obama Administration is having a tough time scaring up the funds to acquire a luxury prison in Illinois, so Guantanamo detainees may just have to chill in their current posh digs until 2011 or so. [New York Times]
  • A plane overshot the runway while landing in Jamaica, which is only funny because 1) nobody died and 2) the plane was obviously stoned. [AP]
  • Police seized more than TWENTY POUNDS OF COCAINE from a car parked in Richmond, California. White Christmas, indeed! [AP]
  • Feeling wealthier these days? Perhaps that is because incomes rose .4 percent in November. [Bloomberg]
  • Bad news: The Taliban blew up a girls' school in Pakistan. Good news: The school was empty at the time. [AFP]
  • The Wall Street Journal has a nifty graphic explaining how health care reform will kill us all. [Wall Street Journal]

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