So Much Thinking, So Little Substantitve Information

So Much Thinking, So Little Substantitve Information
  • Tuesday, May 12: The week in Think-Tank Stuff starts with a new installment of “What is Obama fucking up now?" The answer? Heath care reform, according to the Heritage Foundation. At noon, Heritage thinkers will explain that access to affordable, quality health care can only be achieved by following their principles. That is, leave everything to the private sector, and some people will get coverage and the rest just don’t deserve it. Yet another great idea from our friends who can’t seem to figure out why they’re no longer running the free world.

  • Tuesday, May 13: It turns out the newspapers aren’t doing so well and people are turning to this thing called the in-ter-net to get their news. Fascinating. The New America Foundation, however, is convinced that the demise of independent, investigative journalism is -- just like pig AIDS and democrats’ attempts at humor -- terrible, unethical and must be stopped. The event looks at the future of journalism, and examines the role the non-profit sector may play in the new era.
  • Wednesday, May 13: As we learned in the last election, young people kick ass and Campus Progress is eager to enlighten us as to the political values and beliefs of today's youth. Today's young people may be destined to shoulder a huge debt and are likely to be unemployed until they reach retirement age, but, hey, at least they're smart and involved.
  • Friday, May 15: Day 112 and Obama still has not fixed all the problems that plague the middle class. PATHETIC. At least according to the Brookings Institute -- the professional thinkers there argue that the current fiscal policies aren’t doing enough to support the middle class, which means that either the economy is going to continue to shrink and we’re all screwed or that Brookings may start actually paying their RA’s more.
  • Friday, May 15: This week the Libertarians once again assert their manifesto: do whatever you want, whenever the fuck you want. The topic of this week’s discussion at the Cato Institute is drugs and how our little habits have kinda sorta resulted in the deaths of hundreds of people around the world. Whoops.

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