So Scott Brown Wants To Rape Martha Coakley With a Curling Iron?

Jesus,New York Times, if you would just quote the "something vulgar" rather than leave us all guessing, maybe the voters of Massachusetts would know whether Scott Brown is laughing about sodomy or rape or rape-sodomy or whatever.

There were last minute squabbles on the campaign trail. Mr. Brown accused Ms. Coakley of politicizing the King memorial breakfast, while Democrats accused Mr. Brown of smirking after a rowdy supporter at one of his rallies suggested doing something vulgar to Ms. Coakley with a curling iron. (Mr. Brown said that he had not heard the remark.)

Who knows, maybe it was "make kind of a dick motion with a curling iron," or "wave a curling iron around Martha Coakley's head while screaming about shitting on the Pope." We will never know, because of the New York Times.

And this is how health care/democracy died. [NYT]


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