Socialist Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Health Care Case

Socialist Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Health Care Case

That commie dirtbag Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was often photographed with the likes of Joseph Stalin, packed the Supreme Court with socialists, and it has never been the same. Today, the Supreme Courtrefused an appeal from Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to rule on the constitutionality of President Obama's health care reform. Apparently they all signed off on this. Why didn't Antonin Scalia pull out his rifle, shoot the other justices, and overturn the law with a swig of whiskey and a dash of the pen? He must truly be a socialist, and becoming a "conservative" jurist was just a plot by Obama's grandparents to get him on the Court so he could pass the little Kenyan baby's socialist laws.

The Supreme Court rejected a call Monday from Virginia's attorney general to depart from its usual practice and put review of the health care law on a fast track. Instead, judicial review of President Barack Obama's signature legislation will continue in federal appeals courts. [...]

Only rarely, in wartime or a constitutional crisis, does the court step into a legal fight before the issues are aired in appellate courts. Hearings already are scheduled in May and June in three appeals courts.

Why does the Supreme Court want to destroy the lives of sick Americans by improving their access to medical care? Don't they see this (and not people without health insurance sitting in the loading dock of a hospital with bones protruding out of their skin) is a true emergency? If socialism is allowed to take hold in the coming weeks, days, or even seconds, it could cost, like, money or something. How dare the Supreme Court let the government start spending on health care? [AP]


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