Yes. It was Hillary Clinton.

This month, the DC Democratic Party turned in some ballot papers late for all the Democratic candidates to appear on the DC ballot. All of them. Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and this hilarious old Rocky De La Fuente guy who drives around in so many Cadillacs all the time. But some dick only challenged Bernie Sanders, for democracy.

Of course the DC board of elections was like "whoops there has been a challenge guess Bernie Sanders will not be on the Democratic primary ballot maybe, dunno we will have a show trial next week," and then the DC Democratic Party was like "oh yes he will don't be a bunch of dicks, this is fuckin' stupid, come on."

NBC broke and fearmongered the story, for lulz, and WaPo explained shut up NBC is why.

Short story short: don't be a legalistic dick, activist whose name we know but aren't gonna even bother saying because living with yourself is punishment enough, it is gross and undemocratic and unfair and uncivil and is totally something Donald Trump would do.

[NBC / WaPo]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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