Some Northeast Athletic Clubs Will Compete In Rio 2016 Olympics Of Baseball


  • Your 2009 World Series will feature the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies, two popular Northeast athletics organizations. USA! [New York Times]
  • Baghdad had another suicide bombing: 132 people died, which is the most all at once since 2007. [Washington Post]
  • The new new new health care bill will be submitted to the CBO as early as right now, or possibly even earlier this morning! [WSJ]
  • "Tony Blair" is a name that's being thrown about to be the new president of the EU. Michael Sheen is already prepared for this. [Times Online]
  • College's favorite singer, Morrissey, is A-OK after his collapse on a stage in London sometime a couple days ago. [CNN]
  • Wall Street money financial fatcats would like to maintain their huge bonus system, duh and thank you. [Reuters]

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