Some Terrorists Are Blondes, World Stunned

...and so does AL-QAEDA - WonketteEurope is stunned: it seems that some terrorists might not be swarthy Arab types! Some might even be pretty girls! This is leading them to think about giving up on profiling when it comes to identifying potential terrorists. Thankfully, we don't have to have that conversation here in the US of A. Our realistic depictions of terrorism on television and in movies have conclusively proved that terrorists are either really foreign-looking or played by John Malkovich.

Oh, hey, guess what's to blame: THE INTERNET.

According to trial testimony last fall, Pisheh met one of the defendants, Anthony Garcia, of east London, in an Internet chat room and quickly fell in love; they became engaged without ever meeting face to face. He introduced her to other accused conspirators, including the man who asked her to wire the cash.

Has To Catch a Predator taught Europe nothing? The only way they'll ever stop terrorism is by having creepy volunteers entrap losers into showing up at houses prepared to wage jihad, then springing camera crews on them.

Terrorist Proving Harder to Profile [WP]


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