Some Wingnut: Paragraph-Sequencing In WaPo's Patrick Swayze Obituary [Something Something] Liberal Bias


And you thought Wonkette was having a slow news day! Well Tim Graham of the conservative Media Research Center's porn blog, Newsbusters, has been reading most newspaper obituaries of newly dead actor Patrick Swayze, for political blog material. But it all paid off when he reached paragraph 23 of theWashington Post's version only to find JACKPOT JACKPOT JACKPOT. "Here’s a sign the Washington Post is a liberal newspaper," Graham begins his post.

Here’s a sign the Washington Post is a liberal newspaper: today’s Adam Bernstein obituary for Patrick Swayze begins obviously by noting his big hits "Ghost" and "Dirty Dancing," but doesn’t get to "Red Dawn" until paragraph 23. Even then, Bernstein wrongly suggests he had a supporting role...

"Red Dawn" was not a prestigious film, but it was a breakout lead role for Swayze, and a completely shocking product coming out of a Hollywood: a movie about American teens fighting a resistance against a Soviet invasion of the United States.

There are clearly no fortysomething Reaganites working in the Washington Post newsroom.

Tim Graham is a good writer.

WaPo Patrick Swayze Obit Gets to His Drag-Queen Movie Before 'Red Dawn' [Newsbusters via Washington Monthly]


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