Somebody Named 'Orora' Allowed To Tweet On Palin's Account?


At first this looked like Sarah was retweeting somebody but didn't understand how to use those buttons. But there is no "Orora" on Twitter that wrote this. So is this Orora person someone who's allowed to use Palin's BlackBerry? Is she the ghost-tweeter? And is this implying Joe Miller is a "Mama Grizzly" too? So Joe Miller is a woman? Also, isn't staying in an election the same kind of inaction as standing still when one sees a bear? This is all very confusing.

And what is with the extra period? Oh, that one we know. The .". symbol is known as the "Teabag triforce," a difficult keyboard maneuver that forces wingnuts to donate $3 to Christine O'Donnell when they witness it, out of respect. [Twitter]


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