Somebody Says 'Boo' To Wonkette's Famous Journalism


Here's a very special Email of theNight, starring somebody who must've come across a confusing link to your Wonkette on some wingnut message board. We've seen a handful of these "referencing nothing in particular" upset emails in the latter half of the week, but as usual there is no way to decipher what exactly attracted the confused ire. Tonight's terse epistle was sent out on the Internets at exactly 11:07 PM, on a Friday night. So lonely!

from r.s.

to ""

date Fri, Jul 10, 2009 at 11:07 PM

subject Th Wonkette

This is not journalism this is crap. How can you put words in peoples mouth and then write about it. That is not American, neither is your intolerance of others' opinions. I say Boo.


Again with the "writin's not amurican" followed by the "yer intolerant!" Everybody's Mike Huckabee these days, at least in the Obese States of America.

Or, in the famous words of that psychopath Kevin Kline played in A Fish Called Wanda, "No, you're the vulgarian, you fuck!"


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