Somebody Took The Lord's Name In Vain!

EARTH FIRSTThere are nice emails, dumb emails, spam emails, helpful emails, and even more spam emails. But only a very small tiny little fraction of Wonkette's bulging mailbag qualifies for our coveted "Email of the Day" prize. Today's winner is "J L", who sends the following concerned note regarding the apparent casual use of the name "Christ" on this very website! Prepare to be shocked.

To: (Every email address at Wonkette)
From: "J L"
Date: Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 10:05 AM
Subject: There is a comment on the page

There is a comment on the page Child Superdelegate Dumps Chelsea, Endorses Obama that uses the Lord's name in vain and I quote: "BY NORBIZNESS AT 12:42 PM Well, that and he's not attracted to women. Christ, I can't believe I'm typing something in response to the exploits of Doogie Howser, S.D. Does eBay offer "lives"?"

Please remove this comment and warn the poster to be polite and respectful. I do not think it would be a good publicity for your online page if they used "Mohammed" or any other faith-based name as a cuss word instead, I assure you that groups such as CAIR would have a field-day.

Thank you.

Jesus fucking christ. Is it "email time" at the Adult Day Care again?


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