Someday, Eleanor Holmes Norton Might Be Slightly Less Useless

In what world could the partnership of Orrin Hatch, Joe Lieberman, and Tom Davis becalled "bipartisan"? When Eleanor Holmes Norton is getting cozy with them, obv, so she can finally have a real-life "vote" in that crazy House of Representatives. As this is a deal with the devils, it means fucking Utah gets one more representative. Because poor and black people may only be allowed equal rights if white nutjobs in the hinterlands get a little something in return for their troubles. Oh, these four all "wrote" an op-ed today, that's why we're talking about it. Fun Facts we learned about DC voting rights, after the jump.

* "The D.C. Voting Rights Act is aptly seen as the Voting Rights Act of 2007." So... House Republicans will try to kill it 30 years from now?

* DON'T WORRY -- The District will never get a Senator. It's right in the bill! Wyoming still gets two for some reason though.

* The Founding Fathers would've wanted this to happen, even though they specifically prevented it from happening in like ten different ways. They couldn't have predicted that anyone would've ever wanted to live in this godforsaken swamp when Congress wasn't even in session tho.

A Vote the District Deserves [WP]


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