Somehow, World Survived 3 Hours of 'President Cheney'

George W. Bush is awake again, if not alert, and "President" Dick Cheney is officially back to being the sinister power behind the throne. Oh, yes, and the polyps -- so many polyps were extracted from the "real" president's butt parts! Five, in fact. Five polyps.

All of the gruesome little growths will be "sent to the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland," and given cabinet-level political appointments.

Check this out:

He spoke to first lady Laura Bush -- who is in Midland, Texas, celebrating her mother's birthday -- before and after the procedure, Stanzel said.

Ha ha, Laura hates him so much she won't even stick around when her husband's under anesthesia. "Sorry, Dorkus, goin' to Texas!"

We may not know what Cheney did during his three-hour official reign for decades or even centuries -- the government still hides JFK assassination files that probably show Cheney did that, too. But the story told to the media is creepy enough:

Cheney, meanwhile, spent the morning at his home on Maryland's eastern shore, reading and playing with his dogs, Stanzel said. Nothing occurred that required him to take official action as president before Bush reclaimed presidential power.

Bush back in power, 'in good humor,' after colonoscopy [CNN]


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