Someone Could Do Better, Anyway

clyburn.gifChecking out the news today, we came upon an item on the Democrats' recent radio address, delivered by South Carolina Representative James Clyburn. Reading it over, we were struck by something: they really are going to keep using this "America can do better" slogan.

We can understand from whence this inspiration came and whereto the Democrats think they can take it, but when we close our eyes, we see one of those lovely behind-the-podium backdrops, festooned with this phrase repeating itself in all directions into infinity, and we wonder: "Why are you scolding America?" Right, right, it's not supposed to be read that way, and if we just have a few minutes to spare to hear several hundred words of nuanced explanation--BORED NOW!

After the Presidential election, Democratic supporters were led to believe that the party leadership were holing up with George Lakoff devising magic words that would reverse the party's misfortunes. Amid Lakoff's discussions of strict fathers and nuturant parents, it seems that they've invented a new persona altogether: the hectoring bitch aunt. So, vote early, vote often, and finish your lima beans, America, or you won't get dessert.

Democrats: GOP doing little for troops' families [CNN]


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