Someone Needs a Cold Shower, New Underwear

Nothing lesbian-esque hereElaine Donnelly is the crazy right-wing lady who keeps calling Fort Hood to get Hot Gay Army Medic Darren Manzella fired for his audacious crime of not staying in the closet or out of the military as the Jeebus intended. Doesn't she look like fun? Well, since calling his bosses all the time to demand that he be drummed out of the Army wasn't good enough, she's now used her illustrious position as a blogger for the National Review Online to demand that he be gotten rid of for the sake of the morale of the soldiers, some of whose lives he saved during his two tours as an Army Medic in Iraq. Oh, and she's got her granny panties in a wad over the following photo of soldiers behaving badly.

Not nearly enough man fleshYup, that's right, this is the photo that Elaine says "suggests that the unit was not a model of discipline." We'd suggest that her obsession with this photo has a lot less to do with the (sadly) fully clad Manzella and a lot more to do with her getting (hot and) bothered by the very, very pretty women he's got his arms around. Jealous much, Elaine?

Gay Soldier Uses Media to Mock the Military [NRO]


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